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Flash Help

2008-07-27 21:49:33 by ZaBoy

Hey newground users, im trying to learn how to create flashes but I have no idea how to start. I need any help I can get. I already have adobe flash player but someone else downloaded it for me. Any tips will be helpful. THANKS


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2008-07-27 22:32:00

well cuz, just take a look at all the tutorials on NG they're pretty great. Got me to where I am today( in hell) any way when I get home 2 morrow we need to do some voice syncage. Downloaded sound forge, so the voices are less static-like. less not all the way. any-who I'm making u a banner 2 morrow.

ZaBoy responds:

Thanks that sounds good. LOL in hell


2009-03-14 13:27:47



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