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Square Enix

2008-07-27 20:35:08 by ZaBoy

Wats up newground users. Im mad as hell that square enix signed with microsoft cuz microsoft sucks @#$. Square enix is sony's thing so now the new final fantasy game is for xbox 360 im PISSED. Anyway how do you guys feel about this

Square Enix


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2008-07-27 20:50:22

I concur. I got pretty mad too. But as Jack Tretton once said "you can't buy exclusivity." *sigh*


2008-07-27 20:57:57

You must be a Wii Fag in order to hate Xbox360. They Did someting for the Greater Good.

ZaBoy responds:

I didnt mean that they dont create great games like Halo 1 2 and 3. I love those games its just that its messed up cuz square enix has been with sony for a while now and they all of a sudden decide to sign with microsoft


2008-07-27 22:35:54

Okay ZaBoy, this is your cuz again here to tell you
1. this isn't a BBS post, i'll show u 2 morrow
2. What will become of Final fantasy? and Kingdom hearts?
3. If you don't have your heart in flash 100% then just sit on the side-lines,
if your'e whole-heartedly willing, then see me 2 morrow for an ameteur's crash-course.

SEE YA( I just mooned you)